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How do I transfer my office phone number to the answering service.
Pick up the telephone line you want the answering service to answer. Dial the star (*) key followed by 72. You should hear a click, followed by another dial tone. In the event that doesn’t give you another dial tone, hang up the phone, wait 10 seconds and try 72 followed by the pound (#) sign. In either case, when you hear the second dial tone, dial the number assigned to you by the answering service and wait for the operator to answer. (If you hang up prior to the operator answering, your call forwarding will not be activated).

 How do I turn the answering service off.
Pick up the telephone line that is currently forwarded to the answering service. Dial the star key (*) followed by 73. You should hear a click, followed by another dial tone. In the event that doesn’t give you another dial tone, hang up, wait 10 second and dial 73 followed by the pound (#) sign. You should now be able to answer your incoming calls.

What hours is the answering service available to me.
Central Messaging is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, including all major holidays.
We never close!OPEN 24H  HOURS

Which cell phone companies and pager companies are compatible with the answering service.
Central Messaging is compatible with all cell phone and pager companies.

Do you provide answering services to my part of the country.
Central Messaging can provide service to anyone within any of the 50 states, regardless of the size of your city or town.

What if I have a friend I’d like to refer to the answering service.
Have your friend contact us and mention that they were referred by you.

Why do the answering service messages I receive contain two phone numbers.
The first number that appears in your text or email is the number your caller verbally left with the operator when the two were speaking on the phone. The second number (the one with the parentheses around the area code) is the Caller ID we captured on the call.

Are there any long distance fees associated with using the answering service.
None whatsoever. Clients are assigned a toll-free number for their exclusive use meaning any long distance fees are paid in full by Central Messaging.

How long does it take to begin service with Central Messaging.
It usually takes one full business day to establish a new account.

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